Erm... Hello...?~

'Kay... Nice to meet you, people.

This is my first entry, and to tell you the truth I only got to know about livejournal 'cause I'm a crazy fangirl of Katekyo Hitman Reborn's yaoish pairings... Hehe

Well, I love drawing, reading and singing. I guess these 3 are my greatest hobbies. Oh, and I want to be a mangaka. (crazy huh?)

Since I'm here because of KHR boys love =xx I guess I'll try to update my journal with my passionate love for 8059 (yamagoku) and 6927 (mukutsuna) XDDD Not that I don't like other pairings, but these two are my favorite ones, oh well... I guess you'll see =x


Today I'll start posting this link:

It's my dA xD You may find some pictures of 8059 and 6927 (just a few to tell you the truth)

But I intend to post more soon.
Well, hope you enjoy ^^'

Thank you for reading (IF someone read it xDDD)